BILAN RK is a Danish-Somali brand located in Copenhagen. We inhabit a world of unique and daring designs, perfectly suited for those who wish to own elegantly intertwined pieces and spread a good vibration to the universe. Bilan Aarkey (RK) stands for the childhood name and alter ego of the designer and artist behind our brand who is born in Somalia but grew up in Denmark.

Our inspiration derives from traditional garments and patterns rooted in the cultures of East Africa subtly blended with Scandinavian styles. We aim at communicating a cross-cultural and luxurious aesthetic. 

Our first collection is heavily influenced by the gareys; a Somali garment made of cotton material with perky and colourful patterns. Traditionally speaking, gareys is worn as an asymmetrical dress wrapped around the body called ‘guntiino’We are showcasing this distinct and rare African textile through a Scandinavian framework, to embrace the beauty of dissimilarity, the art of merging two worlds together, continents apart.


We are passionate about creating quality clothes in a responsible way and currently working on finding local suppliers in East Africa. We want to make sure a good portion of the traditional material used for our future collections, benefits the communities, it originated from.  We pay attention to our social impact and strictly produce our stock through pleasant labor and under healthy work conditions. We create fashion with love and care.



As part of our concept, we believe in spreading love and kindness. We are therefore funding an initiative offering sustainable school education for orphans and kids of less fortunate families in Southern Somalia. A project called Flowers of Hope (Ubaxa Rajada). We will continuously locate worthwhile projects to fund in East Africa with our customers being a true force of good in the region.

BILAN RK is for you who appreciate unique fashion with a cultural story,
a Scandinavian touch and for those who just want to better the world with a smile.

Some of the kids and students at Flowers of Hope. Photo credit: Zahra Carte
Some of the kids and students at Flowers of Hope. Photo credit: Zahra Carte
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